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13 August 2012


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Neil Tweedy

I just walked to the Stretford Arndale and was utterly astounded when I looked down from the bridge to see the "Shellfen" which I last (and first) saw over 21 years ago! What a blast from the past!

Whilst doing A-Level physics, the lab assistant, one Mr Jebb, organised an outing to Lymm for us impressionable young students on the "smallest registered oil tanker in the world!" which he co-owned. We all indulged a couple of pints each as we learned it could (in theory) demand a sea port mooring anywhere in the world and could be called up in times of war to serve Queen and country...

The weather was good on the way and we each took turns driving it and a bit rainy on the way back but with no cover to dive for! Memories I'll never forget.

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